The Weather Wasn’t The Only Thing Foggy Today

Okay, it really wasn’t foggy today but, it was definitely cloudy. But isn’t fog a kind of cloud that touches the ground? Because fogs forms when the air…


Sorry, my inner science nerd was slipping.

The weather wasn’t the only thing “foggy” today, my brain was too. Brain fog succcckkkksss. You know when you walk into a room and forget what you came in for? Have you ever been talking and then for some reason you can’t think of a certain word? Yeah, you just lost your train of thought. Brain fog is like constantly losing that train. It sometimes will find its way back but, it never stops at the station. It just drives by and you lose it again.

The feeling of brain fog includes:

  • Mentally confused, fatigued
  • Difficulty remembering/recalling things or words – like simple names
  • Stumbling over words
  • Difficulty thinking clearly
  • Lack of focus or concentration

Brain fog is not a medically recognized term and you can’t be diagnosed with it, yet doctors know what you mean if you use the term or describe how you’re feeling. Doctors really don’t know why brain fog is common in those living with a chronic illness.

The level of fogginess you have can be affected by your stress level, the amount of sleep you get, etc. I like to think my stress level is okay but, my sleeping is screwed. I’m sure my brain fog is definitely affected due to my lack of restful sleep.

When my thoughts are caught in the fog, I get really embarrassed. I trip over words and I literally stop mid sentence and close my eyes as if I’m searching a catalogue in my brain for the right word. Sometimes I find it, other times I try to think of another word which leads me to searching that catalogue again. When my brain has no idea what to look for, the train has completely stopped, not at the station, but in the middle of nowhere. I usually end up apologizing to the person and just say “my brain isn’t working right.”

Train of thought
Disney Pixar’s Inside Out – train of thought

If it happens in the morning, I blame it on lack of coffee. If it happens in the afternoon or evening, I blame it on a long day. I have to give some type of excuse that I think the other person would understand so they don’t think I’m crazy (little do they know, it feels like my brain is going crazy).

My brain is in a constant state of brain fog. The clouds may part slightly to let a thought through but, they come right back together and my thoughts get stuck again.

Please be patient my brain and I are really trying.

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