To my family and friends,

During the course of creating this blog, I sent the link to a few of you to get a feel for what you thought about it. I didn’t think about that most of you really didn’t know the extent of my pain. Many knew of my back pain but, I really kept most of the rest to myself. While you’re reading this, please don’t feel sorry for me because I don’t feel sorry for myself. Now that I know what’s been causing me pain over the years I can share my story to help people understand better. I hope this will help you understand why I’m always tired, cancel plans at the last minute, or have trouble remembering things. I hope you follow me on my journey of no longer just existing with chronic pain, but actually living with it. I will have my ups and downs but, I won’t let it keep me down for long. I also hope you share my story with everyone you know. Tell them about my blog. The more people know about chronic and invisible illnesses, the more comfortable we will be with being open about our everyday struggles.
So sit back, soak in some knowledge, and have a laugh or two (because if you know me, you know there will be some laughter 😜).

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