Sweating In The Middle of Winter

Last night was about 45 degrees. But, even still, I slept with the windows open, the fan on, and under the blankets because I sweating but still cold. I didn’t have a fever, I checked. It had to be really cold because Polo, who is prone to over-heating (it’s a shih Tzu thing), was completely under the blankets. Sorry Polo! Since I slept in an ice box half the night, I didin’t get much sleep, and of course I woke up being a little congested and extra tired this morning.

It’s not winter here yet but, it’s now starting to feel like it’s moving in that direction. After weeks of saying “are we sure it’s October”, the weather has finally broke and we are now experiencing fall weather.

I hate winter. It’s not even here and I’m already wishing it would go away. Winter is the season when I experience the most fluctuation of my body temperature. It can be in the dead middle of winter and I can go from colder than a polar bear’s booty to be sweating like I just ran a full-blown marathon in Death Valley. This is why I don’t own many heavy coats. I usually have one heavy coat (to avoid the “where is your coat” question from my mom) and the rest are fleece or sweaters. I’m all about the layers.

I’ve always had problems with regulating my body temperature, so I don’t know if it’s a normal thing for me or it’s because of the fibromyalgia. That’s the thing with being undiagnosed for so long. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between “that’s why I feel like that” and “that’s what make me, me.”

Temperature sensitvity is one of those things that comes with fibromyalgia (I would write more details about what causes temperature sensitives in people, but I’m at work and I should be doing ya know, actual work. So I’m trying to type this up as quickly as possible. Lol). Some people are sensitive to heat, some are sentivtite to the cold, and some are sensitive to both. I’m more sensitive to heat. I can get hot and start sweating really fast. Just sitting still can cause me to break out into a sweat. But, I also have some sentivities to the cold as well, just not as sensitive as heat. Since fibromyalgia affects your pain sensitivity, changes in the surrounding temperature or direct physical contact with something cold or hot can cause pain that wouldn’t for someone else. For example, for me, driving in the car and having the sun shine through the side window burns my thighs. Even if I have pants on, the heat burns my thighs. Like legit burns. Hurts to the touch, and red, splotchy skin. Not even 10 minsutes of driving on a sunny day and I can feel my thighs start to get hot. I keep telling myself to get my windows tinted (I’m sure that will help) but, that cost money. I also think I’m a glutton for punishment. I always tell myself, “I’m okay. I’m fine. It’s only for this short drive.” Yeah, right. Lol.

As I’m sitting here typing this I’m trying not to break into a sweat (too late). It was cold this morning but, someone decided to complain that it was too cold so, facilities turned the heat up to what I believe is the hell setting. I’ve been asking those around me if they’re hot. Of course they say no.

Is this what menopause is like? If it is, I don’t look forward to it (I don’t think anyone actually looks forward to menopause).

So, I’m going to sit here (very still) until this hot flash passes. I’ll probably be very cold soon after but, at least I won’t look like I’ve been running laps around the equator.

One thought on “Sweating In The Middle of Winter

  1. As a pre menopausal woman of her forties with Fibro. I totally related to everything. I have a hard time maintaining body temperature too. Last night, I was freezing, then too hot then too cold. Turn on my heating pad- turn it off. This went on for hours.. *sigh lol


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