The Horizontal Polka. The Pants Off Dance Off. That Mmmbop.

Or whatever you call it, I want to talk about it.

I’ve always said that my blog is like my diary. So, y’all are getting full blown open access to my diary. Which means there will be times my diary entries will include talks about sex.

Sorry fam. I have sex 😱.

Sex shouldn’t be taboo. It shouldn’t be something not talked about. Many people do it, so it’s no secret.

How do you think you got here?

Having a healthy conversation about sex will teach people things sex education didn’t. And also I’m sure most of my readers haven’t had sex education in a looonnngggg time. So, that information is probably forgotten.

You’ll also be surprised the ignorance I hear from men and women in regards to how reproductive organs works.

Talking about sex freely let’s you be more comfortable with yourself. And being more comfortable with yourself will allow you to be more comfortable with your partner.

I’m not going to get into super specific details with my sex life. This is not a Zane book. Lol. But, I’m going to discuss it.

So, this post is just a quick heads up for those who are not as open when it comes to sex. I didn’t want to “shock” anyone if they received a notification that I made a new post, started reading it, and then get surprised that it’s about sex.

I always tag my post accordingly. So, if you see a new post from me, just read the tags. If “sex” is there, know the post is about sex and you can choose to read it or not. You should though. Just saying.

For those that don’t mind, let me know what sex topics I should talk about. Send me a message in the Contact Me section or drop a comment on this post. I have a couple things already in mind, but of course I’m open to discuss more.

Until then…

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