About My Blog

I initially started this blog September 2017 (the same week I got my diagnosis) to blog about my experiences with fibromyalgia. I wanted it to be a place where my friends and family can go to understand what I go through on a daily basis. Especially since I’m not a very open person.

I blogged until about November of the same year, but I wasn’t consistent. What started out as an awesome thing, slowly drifted to “I can’t do this.” I went on a three-week hiatus, came back with one post, and that was that. I thought as soon as I received my diagnosis, everything was great, and I could take over the world now. It felt like a light switch was finally turned on and now I could see. But here’s the thing, when you’re in the dark for so long, and you eventually turn the light on, your eyes need to adjust. I needed to adjust. I still was trying to figure out what exactly was fibromyalgia while trying to tell my story at the same time. I jumped the gun. I still needed time to digest everything.

So here I am, 6 months later starting my #bloglife again. I decided to rebrand my blog because I’m more than just someone with fibromyalgia. If you had a chance to see my blog when I first started, it was dull and grey, pretty much how my life was. My blog now reflects what I strive my life to be, bright and colorful. Yes, I’m still going to talk about what I go through with fibromyalgia but, I’m going to use this more like an open diary because I’m trying to learn to not be as guarded. There may be a few tears but, I’m hoping there will be far more laughs.

I’m not perfect, and that’s why I don’t expect my blog to be. My life is a constant work in progress which will be reflected on my blog.

So buckle up because I’ve existed for way too long, now I’m heading full speed to living.


*puts car in reverse*

I should’ve explained the reason behind the name of my blog, right? Well, the easiest explanation is that those who suffer from fibromyalgia experience sore/tender spots over their body and fibro fog (better known as brain fog). And that’s it. That’s how I came up with Sore Spots and Foggy Thoughts. ☺