About Me

Existing with pain for about 10 years. The doctors threw around words such as some degenerative disc disease, some arthritis in the back, muscle spasms, scoliosis (one x-ray results showed it and another didn’t), leg length discrepancy (one x-ray results showed it and another didn’t), and sciatica in the right leg. None were bad enough to be causing the pain I was in, which lead me to finally being diagnosed with fibromyalgia on 9/11/2017.


Despite my anxiety, I try to live life as carefree as every adult should. I like to think my carefree-ness (is that even a word?) is at the level of me throwing guac on my salad bowl at Chipotle without looking at my bank account beforehand. Isn’t that the epitome of being a carefree adult?

After making it rain at Chipotle a couple of times, I occasionally need the “back to earth” checks just to make sure everything is all good, but of course some times things aren’t always the best. I make mistakes. I’m not perfect and that’s why I don’t expect my blog to be. My life is a constant work in progress and so is this blog.

My loves: puns, my Shih Tzu (Polo), using the words “just” and “so” (sorry in advance), my family, all things food, tequila, using commas (sorry in advance, again), and Idris Elba (Heeeyyyy  Idris *wink* *wink*).

My hates: Not having Idris Elba.


I’m not good with About Me sections because I usually don’t know what to say. It should be easy since who knows you better than you, right? I’m sure I’ll expand this section and probably add a couple of pictures as my blog blossoms.