It’s All About Your Perspective

Going through my blog’s Instagram feed (Follow here if you haven’t already), one of the people I’m following posted:

Today was the absolute worst day ever

And don’t try to convince me that

There’s something good in every day

Because, when you take a closer look

This world is a pretty evil place

Even if

Some good does shine through once in a while

Satisfaction and happiness don’t last

And it’s not true that

It’s all in the mind and heart


True happiness can be obtained

Only if one’s surroundings are good

It’s not true that good exists

I’m sure you can agree that

The reality


My attitude

It’s all beyond my control

And you’ll never in a million years hear me say that

Today was a good day

Have you ever had one of these days? When things just don’t seem to be going your way.

Now go back and read it. But, this time, read it from bottom to top.

See what happens when you change your perspective? Changing your attitude can have an impact. If something doesn’t seem to be going your way, change the way you’re looking at it.

Happy Monday!

Background on the author and how the poem went viral:


“I’m Proud Of You”

I had about 6 ideas in my head for a post. I actually started drafting one up yesterday but, didn’t get to finish since I was hanging out with my family. When I woke up this morning, this post came to me and I knew I had to write this one instead.

I’m surrounded by people who are succeeding in life and have major accomplishments. My cousin has her PhD and she just bought a house. My friend is soon to be graduating with her PhD next year, is getting ready to buy a house, and just got to the “I love you” stage in her relationship. My sister has a house, a husband/family, and is about to graduate with her master’s within the next 2 months.

Here I am a couple of months shy of 28 and I don’t have a college degree, I don’t own a house, and I don’t have a man (or even a potential). I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. I remember having a conversation with my grandmother a while ago. She was saying how my one cousin was having a baby, my other cousin just got married, and my other cousin was buying a house. And in my mind I was like “What in the hell am I doing? Absolutely nothing.” Continue reading ““I’m Proud Of You””

Anti-inflammatory Butternut Squash Soup

While grocery store shopping, I noticed the squashes were out. I’ve cooked with spaghetti squash before but, never a butternut squash. Since I love to experiment with different foods, I decided to give it a shot.

For some reason, the only thing I could think of when it came to butternut squash was soup. I’m upset that I found out you can do sooo much with butternut squash which I will have to try out later. However, I wasn’t upset with how the soup turned out. It was really good. Very creamy without using any cream. It reminds me that fall is here with the roasted flavors (even though we actually haven’t had fall weather yet. *sigh*)

This soup packs many health benefits even for someone who’s not living with a chronic illness. Continue reading “Anti-inflammatory Butternut Squash Soup”

Learning To Be Selfish

Sorry, I haven’t posted in almost a week. I’ve been really moving around a lot and dealing with a horrible flare-up*. Which leads me to…

I need to learn to be selfish. I like to think I’m a helpful person. When someone needs me, I very rarely say no. However, I need to start saying no more often because living with chronic pain, saying yes all the time can work against you.

This past weekend I went to a retirement party, baby shower/surprise proposal, the movies, and grocery shopping. Then Monday I went to work, did some cleaning around my place, and put away groceries. Yesterday, my body said enough was enough and I crashed when I got home from work. I “slept”** from 4pm until 5am.

Wow! 13 hours!?! Really? You must feel so refreshed and energized.

No. Not the slightest. After all of that, I still feel like I can take a nap while writing this. Continue reading “Learning To Be Selfish”

It’s The Little Things In Life

I know you’ve heard that saying before. And it really is true. The little things in life can have a big impact.

Yesterday I did something many of us are bad at doing, I cleaned out my personal email. I really didn’t start the day with that being on my to-do list, it just kind of happened.

Continue reading “It’s The Little Things In Life”