The Weather Wasn’t The Only Thing Foggy Today

Okay, it really wasn’t foggy today but, it was definitely cloudy. But isn’t fog a kind of cloud that touches the ground? Because fogs forms when the air…


Sorry, my inner science nerd was slipping.

The weather wasn’t the only thing “foggy” today, my brain was too. Brain fog succcckkkksss. You know when you walk into a room and forget what you came in for? Have you ever been talking and then for some reason you can’t think of a certain word? Continue reading “The Weather Wasn’t The Only Thing Foggy Today”


Everyone Does It, Some Just Better Than Others

I was going to tell you a poop joke but, it’s really crappy.

If you don’t like talking about poop. You may not like this post. It’s nothing graphic but, it’s about pooping issues. 

Yesterday, I was in the middle of a nap when I was woken up by the most gut wrenching cramp. “Damn.” When I get woken up like that, I know what to expect next. I rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom hunched over. It felt like the cramps were reaching into my soul. I sat on the toilet and just sat…. It felt like I needed to poop. My body wanted me to poop but, I couldn’t. I broke out into a sweat. It was like someone turned my body temperature to hell. I took my shirt off hoping to cool down. Nope. Now I was sitting on the toilet, naked, stomach twisted in knots, drenched in sweat, with a dog staring at me. Continue reading “Everyone Does It, Some Just Better Than Others”

We Really Need To Talk About This

Those who suffer from a chronic illness may also suffer from a mental illness. Being in constant pain takes a toll on your quality of life. Pain has a way of slowly pulling you away from everyone and everything. You want to go to that party but, your body just wants that little relief it gets by takings meds and curling into a ball. You want to talk to your friends but, when they ask “what’s new?,” all you can think about is the new symptom your chronic illness decided to give you.

Doing this day in and day out, staying to yourself because you just don’t physically have it in you to do anything, it really screws with you mentally. Anxiety and depression shows up. A lot of the times they show up hand in hand, other times they show up alone. Both can cause a suicidal mindset. Continue reading “We Really Need To Talk About This”

The Diagnosis

Three days ago, I cried. I cried hard. I haven’t cried this hard since I had an anxiety attack a couple of months ago because I thought about crashing the rental car on my way to Canada. I didn’t have the rental. I haven’t even actually planned the trip to Canada yet. It was still just an idea.

Three days ago, I found out what all the constant full body pain, stiffness, brain fog, headaches, migraines, ringing in the ears, tender spots on my body, constant change in body temperature, soreness, constant fatigue, nausea, restless nights, and the random in the middle of the night abdominal cramps was all about. The neurologist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Continue reading “The Diagnosis”