Learning To Be Selfish

Sorry, I haven’t posted in almost a week. I’ve been really moving around a lot and dealing with a horrible flare-up*. Which leads me to…

I need to learn to be selfish. I like to think I’m a helpful person. When someone needs me, I very rarely say no. However, I need to start saying no more often because living with chronic pain, saying yes all the time can work against you.

This past weekend I went to a retirement party, baby shower/surprise proposal, the movies, and grocery shopping. Then Monday I went to work, did some cleaning around my place, and put away groceries. Yesterday, my body said enough was enough and I crashed when I got home from work. I “slept”** from 4pm until 5am.

Wow! 13 hours!?! Really? You must feel so refreshed and energized.

No. Not the slightest. After all of that, I still feel like I can take a nap while writing this. Continue reading “Learning To Be Selfish”

Hi, My Name Is Anxiety and I Like To Screw With Your Thoughts

Hi, My Name Is Anxiety and I Like To Screw With Your Thoughts

I should be happy because now I know why I’ve been in pain for so many years but, my anxiety has been getting the best of me lately.

I’ve slowly been open about my fibromyalgia. Talking about the fibromyalgia has me talking about the symptoms I’ve been hiding throughout the years. Like I said in my other posts, I didn’t know I had fibromyalgia, I just knew I had all these things going on with me (most I’ve kept to myself). So now when I tell people the brain fog, constant nausea, constant headaches, etc. I have are things that come along with having fibromyalgia, I think they think I’m over exaggerating. Continue reading “Hi, My Name Is Anxiety and I Like To Screw With Your Thoughts”


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia two weeks ago today. However, I’ve been dealing with chronic pain and the accompanying symptoms that comes with fibromyalgia for about 10 years, without even knowing I had it.

As I go through the what’s and how’s of fibromyalgia, you’ll come to understand why it may take years for someone to finally get diagnosed with it.

Continue reading “fi·bro·my·al·gia”