“People are like plants, they grow towards the light”

I’ve never always had a green thumb. I remember in middle school I was supposed to see how different light sources affected the growth of plants. I had everything setup; the same type of pots, the same type and number of seeds, the same amount of soil, and I watered the seeds with the same amount of water from the same source. Let’s just say the fact that I was creative saved me because the actual experiment yielded zero results. Nothing grew. Out of six pots that each had two seeds, not one grew. Even though I had nothing to present, my poster and written study gave me an A for that project.

Fast forward to today. I have about 20 or so plants growing in my apartment. I don’t know what it is about plants but, I love taking care of them. My dream house includes have a yard big enough to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits in the back and flowers in the front. But, until then, I’m working with the small that I have in my barely 1000 sqft apartment.

Now, out of my 20 or so plants, there was a lily I bought 2 years ago. I kept the lily on my balcony and it flourished beautifully. As the hot months started to turn cold, the lily died. I wanted to try and save it so, I brought it inside and attempted to nurture it back to health. Throughout the 2 years I watched the lily sprout new plants but, it could never fully bloom to a flower.

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Hi, My Name Is Anxiety and I Like To Screw With Your Thoughts

I should be happy because now I know why I’ve been in pain for so many years but, my anxiety has been getting the best of me lately.

I’ve slowly been open about my fibromyalgia. Talking about the fibromyalgia has me talking about the symptoms I’ve been hiding throughout the years. Like I said in my other posts, I didn’t know I had fibromyalgia, I just knew I had all these things going on with me (most I’ve kept to myself). So now when I tell people the brain fog, constant nausea, constant headaches, etc. I have are things that come along with having fibromyalgia, I think they think I’m over exaggerating. Continue reading “Hi, My Name Is Anxiety and I Like To Screw With Your Thoughts”


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia two weeks ago today. However, I’ve been dealing with chronic pain and the accompanying symptoms that comes with fibromyalgia for about 10 years, without even knowing I had it.

As I go through the what’s and how’s of fibromyalgia, you’ll come to understand why it may take years for someone to finally get diagnosed with it.

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We Really Need To Talk About This

Those who suffer from a chronic illness may also suffer from a mental illness. Being in constant pain takes a toll on your quality of life. Pain has a way of slowly pulling you away from everyone and everything. You want to go to that party but, your body just wants that little relief it gets by takings meds and curling into a ball. You want to talk to your friends but, when they ask “what’s new?,” all you can think about is the new symptom your chronic illness decided to give you.

Doing this day in and day out, staying to yourself because you just don’t physically have it in you to do anything, it really screws with you mentally. Anxiety and depression shows up. A lot of the times they show up hand in hand, other times they show up alone. Both can cause a suicidal mindset. Continue reading “We Really Need To Talk About This”