Simple Black Bean Shepherd’s Pie

A good recipe uses ingredients that you already have on hand. An even better recipe uses¬†ingredients that were on the verge of spoiling. This is how I came across this recipe. I had sweet potatoes in the pantry that I completely forgot about. They were starting to grow legs and eventually walk right out of my pantry. Seriously look… Continue reading “Simple Black Bean Shepherd’s Pie”


Anti-inflammatory Butternut Squash Soup

While grocery store shopping, I noticed the squashes were out. I’ve cooked with spaghetti squash before but, never a butternut squash. Since I love to experiment with different foods, I decided to give it a shot.

For some reason, the only thing I could think of when it came to butternut squash was soup. I’m upset that I found out you can do sooo much with butternut squash which I will have to try out later. However, I wasn’t upset with how the soup turned out. It was really good. Very creamy without using any cream. It reminds me that fall is here with the roasted flavors (even though we actually¬†haven’t had fall weather yet. *sigh*)

This soup packs many health benefits even for someone who’s not living with a chronic illness. Continue reading “Anti-inflammatory Butternut Squash Soup”